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  1. hallucinate (v.) "to have illusions," s, from Latin alucinatus (later hallucinatus), past participle of alucinari "wander (in the mind), dream; talk unreasonably, ramble in thought," probably from Greek alyein, Attic halyein "wander in mind, be at a loss, be beside oneself (with grief, joy, perplexity), be distraught," also "wander about," which probably is related to alaomai "wander about.
  2. Find another word for hallucinate. Hallucinate: to see or sense something or someone that is not really there; to have hallucinations. Synonyms: daydream, stargaze, conceit.
  3. “Hallucinate” is the latest track lifted from Lipa’s hit sophomore album Future Nostalgia, following “Don’t Start Now," “Physical” and “Break My Heart." Future Nostalgia dropped Author: Gil Kaufman.
  4. hallucinate: 1 v perceive what is not there; have illusions Type of: comprehend, perceive to become aware of through the senses.
  5. “Hallucinate” serves a s disco-house vibe and talks about loving someone so much that it changes your perception of reality. The song was issued as the fourth single off of .
  6. Jul 10,  · Dua Lipa gets delirious in her cartoon-themed music video.. Friday (July 10) marked the release of Lipa’s newest single “Hallucinate,” which appears on her iconic sophomore album, Future draditalcudlerasorelolensiri.coinfo song’s arrival was also accompanied by a trippy visual which reimagines the songbird in animated form as she goes from performing for a crowd of cartoons before setting off on a dreamy.
  7. I hallucinate, when you call my name Got stars in my Put you in my hall of fame, middle of the wall Yeah, you're my one, my favorite, my ride or die, oh Yeah, I'ma love you like a fool Breathe you in, till I hallucinate (Mm, mm) No, I couldn't live without your touch No, I could never have too much I'll breathe you in, forever and ever Hallucinate.
  8. Nov 06,  · Hallucinate allows the user to put a file of any type into an image file with potentially little to no noticeable change to the image. This is known as steganography. This could be used for digital watermarking among other uses.5/5.

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