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Youve Got Her Eyes

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  1. You've got hungry eyes that just can't look forward Can't give them enough but we just can't start over Building with bent nails we're falling but holding I don't wanna take up any more of your time. Time time time. Sometimes time doesn't heal No not at all It just stands still While we fall.
  2. Sep 23,  · I loved her, and my sacrifice will prove it. I was dying but content at the same draditalcudlerasorelolensiri.coinfo least I got to see Violet’s eyes one last time. I could feel my consciousness slipping, and I drew my last breath. My mind however was not on death, but Violet. And the last thing I saw before blacking out was her eyes. Violet’s P.O.V.
  3. “What Beautiful Eyes You’ve Got” – Top 10 Things Men Notice In Women in a survey and surprisingly over 70% revealed that the first thing that grabs their attention in a female is her.
  4. You've Got Her Eyes by Ed Bruce: Listen to songs by Ed Bruce on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share.
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  6. She's still got those pretty eyes Like she did in school The first time that she looked at me My heart went ka-boom Today I saw that look again On sale in summer square She looked so good in what she wore Somehow it don't seem fair. She's got that look in her eyes Just like she's always had She's got that smile on her lips That always drives me mad.
  7. It was a younger sounding woman, and she was singing about how she was happy she didn't need her relationship anymore. It was NOT a love song, it was a song about breaking up with someone, which was best for her. The lyrics were something like "I'm so glad I never needed you" and it is driving me NUTS because her melodic voice was so beautiful.
  8. She's got to be somebody's baby She's so. She's gonna be somebody's only light Gonna shine tonight Yeah, she's gonna be somebody's baby tonight. I try to shut my eyes But I can't get her outta my sight I know I'm gonna know her But I gotta get over my fright Well, I'm just gonna walk up to her I'm gonna talk to her tonight. Ah.

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